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Even businesses that don't want to spend money on a full-fledged phone system can still present the image they are looking for by using a virtual system. Using a virtual phone system allows you to use your mobile device while still presenting a professional image.

Just using your mobile line, without a virtual system, presents a few issues. First, it doesn't allow your small business to convey a professional image to your customers.

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Second, mobile lines don't provide the features and tools that you and your employees will find most valuable. This includes voicemail to email, call forwarding, call screening, music on hold and online faxing. They still operate at a high level. The biggest issue you will run into with traditional landline phone systems is that new options are no longer being built. This means no new technology is being developed for landline systems. No new software upgrades are available for landlines either. This means you won't have access to many new features and capabilities.

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  • Traditional Landline Systems;
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  • Finally, finding experts to provide customer service and support for these types of systems, and the parts to keep landline systems up and running, are increasingly difficult to find. Small business owners need to consider their budget, whether they have a growing business, whether they have an IT staff capable of running and maintaining an in-house phone system, and whether they have access to a high-speed internet connection. When choosing a phone provider for your small business, it is important to find a service that not only has the features and tools you want in a phone system but also offers the level of customer support you expect from a vendor partner.

    If you are considering a cloud-hosted system, one factor you want to give serious thought to is uptime. Uptime refers to how often the system is operational. When the system is down, you won't have access to your telephone services. The best providers have numerous data centers around the world to minimize downtime with the service. When speaking with different providers, ask about their uptime stats and whether they have any guarantees that will provide you with money back should the service be down for longer than the guaranteed amount each month.

    In addition, some providers charge setup and training fees.

    This decision depends on if you want the system solely devoted to you, or if you want to buy it as a service on the same platform the provider offers to everyone else. Smaller businesses without a lot of special requirements and customizations are typically comfortable using a shared service, while large organizations with complex needs likely prefer a dedicated server that provides the quality of service and privacy they are looking for. To ensure call quality is clear and strong, your business has to be conscientious about how you set up your data network. You have to ensure you have enough bandwidth to handle your call volume and that your network is set up to prioritize voice calls over other types of internet traffic.

    Here are some of the calling and collaboration features you may find most beneficial:. Business VoIP systems offer smartphone applications and mobility features that give employees the full functionality of their desk phones anytime, anywhere. Business owners don't want their customers and clients to have to hunt down their employees when they need them or, worse, not be able to reach them at all. Mobility ensures that your employees are always reachable.


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    It also gives them the freedom of always being connected without sharing their personal phone numbers. These systems combine voice calling, messaging, and video or online meetings into one service. They also offer audio conferencing and online faxing.

    Many of today's phone system providers offer these services in their platforms. Solutions that aren't unified communications systems are those that only offer voice calling and related features. Cloud-hosted systems don't require you to install complex PBX equipment inside each location. This not only allows for easier setup but can also save you money.

    Hiring a Contractor

    These cloud-hosted systems can be managed from one online platform, which also makes using them an easy task. Ready to choose a business phone system? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:. In contrast, if your passion feels in control, reflects qualities that you like about yourself, and complements other important activities in your life, then this is the harmonious version, which is associated with positive outcomes, such as vitality, better work performance, experiencing flow, and positive mood.

    Secondly, having an unanswered calling in life is worse than having no calling at all. If you already have a burning ambition or purpose, do not leave it to languish. The researchers said that this puts a different spin on the presumed benefits of having a calling in life. But is that all that being gritty means? Another finding is that, when you invest enough effort, you might find that your work becomes your passion. A follow-up study qualified this, suggesting that the energising effect of investing effort arises only when the project is freely chosen and there is a sense of progress.

    Consider where you think passion comes from.

    Small business

    The researchers found that people who believe that passion comes from pleasurable work were less likely to feel that they had found their passion and were more likely to want to leave their job as compared with people who believe that passion comes from doing what you feel matters.

    Perhaps this is because there is a superficiality and ephemerality to working for sheer pleasure—what fits the bill one month or year might not do so for long—whereas working towards what you care about is a timeless endeavour that is likely to stretch and sustain you indefinitely. This article was originally published at Aeon and has been republished under Creative Commons.